Since 2013, we are ready to develop in the Moscow region not further 150 km., Franchising projects “Grably” in the reduced format of 400m2.
Lump-sum payment for these “Moscow Region” projects will be: 2 000 000 Rub.
Deliveries of semi-finished-food will be made from kitchen factory
Royalty 6%
Advertising share of 1%
Specifications for such objects are individual

Involvement of the Company’s specialists in the implementation of new restaurant construction and launch is to be provisioned by the Contract.

Investment from 45 000 000 rub.
Lump-sum payment 4 600 000 Rub.
Royalty 6% from the turnover.
Flexible approach to the payments for the 1st year, set of discounts.
Payback period from a year
Sales region: Russia and CIS

For cooperation and completed questionnaires DOWNLOAD A QUESTIONNAIRE or send to:

In the framework of the BCC transferred to the franchisee are:

  • feasibility study, budget, extra charges and marginality, turnover, loss rate, payroll, staff arrangement
  • high level cost estimate for restaurant construction (cost distribution by categories on the basis of implemented projects)
  • concept description and data on the targeted public
  • calculation of potential number of seats
  • evaluation of the premises technical conditions
  • determination of a design solution
  • front-end study (layouts of zoning, proposals for arrangement of dining rooms and restaurant image)
  • standards for development of the design project and detailed documentation
  • technologies and receipts
  • operational management standards in the “System” framework
  • optional training and secondment of the franchisee’s employees by the Proprietor
  • optional use of our ‘Launch Team’ of the most advances employees in the launch of a franchisee’s new facility and in-house training of the franchisee’s employees
  • other materials specified in the Commercial concession agreement

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