Spring means a beginning of a new life. We all are waiting for the miracle and levity. But one could hardly achieve it without a right diet. We instinctively want something fresh and light, from clothes to food. This is because our body is to recover after winter and get ready for spring activity.

First of all we need vitamins. They are in fresh greens and vegetables. Eat plenty of green salads, drink pure water and do not forget about morning exercises! Even five to ten minutes of physical activity will make you feel more cheerful, attractive and fresh. And chase out bad thoughts! Try to be less nervous and smile more often.

Our advice is to give preference to lighter food and steamed dishes. Vegetable dishes are very useful. They are tasty and less heavy than winter dishes.

Our chefs and nutritionists developed a new spring menu for you. For any occasion and any time of a day.

For breakfast, try lean porridges of oats or rice with raisins. Start lunch with a salad, different every day (celeriac, daikon with carrots, carrots with raisins and oil, sour cabbage, green salad with pumpkin seeds and soy dressing, fresh vegetables with oil, “zdoroviye” salad or vinaigrette).

Be sure to try a hot nourishing soup, bean one, fish with red salmon, celery with vegetables or vegetarian borsch.

And now main hot dishes! Steamed rainbow trout and cod in oyster sauce, marinade hake and roasted haddock steak. Do not forget about lent handmade vareniki (with mushrooms or cherries) and vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls with carrot sauce. And of course, you are offered a potato cutlet with peas, lima beans with vegetables, stewed eggplant and steamed broccoli, stewed sauerkraut and steamed cauliflower.

In no case miss out a delicate and healthy dessert. Treat yourself with a three-layer mousse, fruit in jelly or an apple baked with cranberries.