Grabli in Semenovskaya is a perfect wedding of a traditional restaurant and a gastronomic and delicatessen shop. In the first floor you can buy delicatessen and specialities prepared for take away, sets for buffets and mini-banquets. If you’d like to organise a celebration in the office, at home or dacha, you are welcome. You can enter the restaurant from the street or through the business-center.
The fanciful stairs lead to the second floor, under the shadow of orangery, bright and festive free-flow under the glass roof. The open kitchen is decorated with bright, copper pots and pans, glittering stainless steel utensils and aromatic herbs hunging up everywhere look good to the eye. In festive “islands” dozens of snacks, salads, confectionery products and desserts are waiting for you. Having selected the meal according to your taste and mood in the free-flow you can choose alcohol as well — the guests pass to the splendid garden with sprawling cherry trees, bright orange and lemon trees, where stained-glass windows and mirror cupboards glitter with hundreds of bright decorative fruit and vegetable cans. One more colour touch — impressive exhibition of orange pumpkins under the bar. Bird cages and glass lighting fixtures like fancy clusters of grapes are hanging from the ceiling twined with vine. Comfortable raffia furniture, nice tables with mosaic inserts, long and tall kitchen bench along the window perimeter — and you feel like you have passed to the other world far from of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Delicatessen shop working hours:
Working days 08:30 — 21:00
Weekends 11:00 — 20:00

BC “Sokolinaya gora”, H.1a, Semyonovskaya sq.
+7(495) 545-58-08, +7(495) 545-58-94
Working days 08:30 — 23:00
Weekends 11:00 — 22:00

Come with your families

People come to us with their families for their small celebrations and to have some time in a family circle. All the more so as “Grabli” — is a whole world under one roof: besides free-flows the guests will see very comfortable coffee house with great european confectionery, all-year interior garden and summer screened-in patio. You are welcome!

Приходите семьями