“Grabli” on Tulskaya offers home cuisine in a glamorous setting.
Like any other restaurant in the chain, it strikes by a contrast between the stylish interior and tasty democratic cuisine. The luxurious fairy-tale interior transforms a modern Russian-style meal into a magic adventure.
The restaurant’s interior designed by the famous architect Alyona Tabakova is based on combination of black, white, and red. The black dominates the ground floor, while the white is predominant in the light and airy antic, as though overwhelmed by sunlight. The two colours are underlined and emphasised by the red: vases with red roses, unbelievably stylish lamp stands and chandeliers, fanciful vessels on the bar stand and service area shelves. Numerous glistening metal details give a special accent to the interior. Artful use of mirrors make the restaurant rooms look even spacier and lighter, and multiple reflections of luxurious design elements make every room look like a fairy tale palace.
The combination of a very festive and joyous atmosphere with tasty home cuisine, the brand style of the “Grabli” chain, is reflected here with a tripled magnificence. Every visitor feels a VIP guest here irrespective of the price of his or her order, with orices as affordable as in any other restaurant of the chain.

11, Bolshaya Tulskaya st.
+7(495) 988-07-74
Working days 08:30-23:00
Weekends 9:30-23:00



You are kindly invited to our musical parties on Fridays at 19:00. A pleasant atmosphere and live performances expect you at our place.

For the younger visitors, we offer creative lessons held on Saturdays from 13:00. Bring your family; we guarantee a positive atmosphere.

A detailed schedule of our musical evenings can be found here

A detailed schedule of our kids’ sessions can be found here

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