The restaurant in the Pushkin square presents Moscow’s urban interior of the late 19th and early 20th century. The bright colour palette of the style is supported by the bronze chandelier about 5 m. high, which takes up the most of the three-storey inner space. This makes the interior solemn and at the same time cosy due to the play of light on red and orange glass parts. Its cosiness is further strengthened by the intensity of low-level light from various table lamps and soft sofas in all the areas of the restaurant.
The trading room is decorated as an ancient kitchen with oven isles and hot meal zone looking like painted wood stoves. The room presents the entire range of the meals on offer, from cold appetisers and salads to hot meals to desserts. The diversity of food and decorations is multiply reflected by the ceiling mirror panels.
Going from the service area upstairs to the antic floor, one discovers tow smaller dining rooms divided by a small bar made of natural aged larch styled to remind the turn of the 20th century. The level concentrates on Art Decor.
Going upstairs along the grand staircase, one comes to the larger upper dining hall that looks like a huge ancient garden veranda. Gilded walls are decorates by clocks and old photos of vacation scenes in the country houses around Moscow. The ceiling is decorated in line with the style of metal panel structures of early 20th century. Going a bit farther, you find yourself in a library, where everything reminds of journeys and trips to far-away countries. There are various world maps on the walls and ceiling, different souvenirs and decorative objects from different countries, lovingly placed on bookshelves. The lighting is subdued here, and the atmosphere is intimate, the way it should be in the library.

18, Terskaya st., bldg. 1
+7(495) 699-36-53, +7(495) 650-04-98
Working days 08:00-23:00
Weekends 09:00-23:00



People come to us with their families for their small celebrations and to have some time in a family circle. All the more so as “Grabli” — is a whole world under one roof: besides free-flows the guests will see a very comfortable coffee house with great european confectionery, all-year interior garden and summer screened-in patio. Visit us!

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