We have studied all offers for corporate food packages in the market and now offer you the best! Corporate meal from “Grabli” is quality and a large experience, first of all, and also friendly prices, convenience in choice of menu and place of eating for your employees. We will select optimum conditions for your company and employees, looking forward to your call at +7 (499) 678-2-678 or your e-mail to g6782678@gmail.comand


Terms of delivery:
  • We conclude an agreement with your company for corporate meal delivery according to the specified conditions. Payment can be made by cash to the courier against the delivery or payment on account. The minimum amount of the advance payment shall be agreed.
  • The minimum number of lunches is 10. The lunch cost is 190 roubles and 240 roubles
  • The order shall be placed two days before the delivery and not later than 2.00 p.m.
  • You’ll choose the delivery time convenient for your employees and select the lunch.
  • Delivery is free
  • Every day we offer new meal.


Terms of delivery:
  • You can choose one definite restaurant where your employees will have meal or they can have access to all Grabli restaurants.
  • You specify the limits of amounts for the employee’s meal for a day or a month (e.g. 200 rubles per day or 4200 rubles per month). The limits may be the same for all employees and it can be specified differently for a group of employees or some certain employees.
  • The employees will have plastic cards with the specified limits for a day or a month. This is convenient to use and makes possible full reporting for your Company.
  • The employees may have meal at any time when the restaurants are open.


The cost includes:


  1.  Salad 120-140 gr.
  2. Meat (fish) dishes 90-150 gr..
  3. Garnish 150-200 gr.
  4. Kompot 160 gr.
  5. Roll 35 g


  1. Salad 120-140 gr.
  2. First course 300 gr.
  3. Meat (fish) dishes 90-150 gr.
  4. Garnish 150-200 gr.
  5. Kompot 160 gr.
  6. Roll 35 g


You choose meal by yourself, any dish from each group — salad, meat (fish) dish, garnish, kompot, roll. The Manager give you more detail information. You can choose light dietetic lunch or food rich in calories, dainty dishes or traditional food. More information about the lunches you can find in the section “Lunches formula”.