To order

The confectionery shop has been in the market since 2004 and for this period of time it became popular among lovers of European gateau, cakes and baking. The pastry chef from Belgium has developed a unique confectionary line and organized the production.

Our employees undergo a training annually in French and know many secrets and make innovative decorating solutions. Thanks to this we have a wide and various range of products, and our products meet the most delicate tastes of our clients.

Today we are ready to offer a large selection of various traditional and one-off confectionary, which will reflect your personality and help to make such events as your birthday party, your wedding party, your jubilee or a usual family dinner unforgettable!

Cakes, gateau, patty shells are a joy that you can try just now! Hurry up with your order and get our confectionary. Give yourself and the loved ones a holiday!


Single layer cakes — from 2 kg
Double layer cakes — from 3.5 kg
Three layer cakes — from 5 kg

Delivery time — 4 days

Free delivery in Moscow in case of bulk order for 2000 roubles.

Dimension, style, theme of the cake are subject to your fantasy.


Please, call any “Grabli” restaurant to find more information and order a cake