The Arbat is one of the oldest streets in Moscow, the center of cultural life, and a place for walking. No matter whether you are visiting a theater or a museum, hanging out with friends beside the Tsoi wall, or just walking around the souvenir shops, you no longer need to think about where to rest and eat. A new restaurant of our chain has been opened five minutes’ walk from Arbatskaya metro station.

Grabli restaurant on the Arbat offers you two floors with lots of seats to relax, non-standard interior solutions and special places to take photos. Our designers have done their best to create a special atmosphere, using a mixture of several styles from a modern loft to a reference to the unforgettable sixties, when “The Arbat Song” of Bulat Okudzhava was most popular.
As with all the venues of our restaurant chain, the menu exemplifies a huge variety of dishes to suit every taste and pocket: pastries and health dishes, soups and snacks, meat and fish, drinks and desserts.

Summer is the time to enjoy the beautiful view and make a feast of the well-cooked food at the cozy outdoor patio.

Once you are inside, the identity of Grabli brand is all over the new restaurant tasteful from the atmosphere to the cuisine. Welcome to Moscow, to the Arbat, to Grabli.

ул. 1 Arbat st.
(495) 725-58-01
Working days 8:00 — 23:00
Weekends 9:00 — 00:00



People come to us with their families for their small celebrations and to have some time in a family circle. All the more so as “Grabli” — is a whole world under one roof: besides free-flows the guests will see a very comfortable coffee house with great european confectionery, all-year interior garden and summer screened-in patio. Visit us!

Приходите семьями